Health and Safety and Environmental Policy


Health & Safety

LoCool Service recognises that making appropriate provision for the Health & Safety of its employees and others is an integral part of its business activities.

LoCool conducts its work and operations in ways that ensure the continuation of its impeccable safety record. Our Health & Safety policy and practices are regularly reviewed to maintain high standards and to reflect any new hazards, technology or improved methods of control, as well as changes in legislation.

We ensure all employees are informed of these standards and practices by providing adequate and appropriate facilities for communication and consultation of their responsibilities to protect as far as reasonably practical, the Health & Safety of all persons likely to be affected by those operations.

It is our belief that, given care, commitment and co-operation by employees, it is possible to conduct our activities without risk to Health & Safety.

Environmental Policy

LoCool Services recognises the duty of care on everyone to protect our local and wider environment and actively encourage and support energy efficiency and waste reduction initiatives.

The duty of care is on everyone to protect, prevent and minimise pollution to our local and wider environment by elimination/substitution of polluting substances with “greener” alternatives. LoCool

Through the adoption of sustainable work practices, LoCool is commitment to comply with all relevant and applicable legal requirements and ensure that personnel are trained and qualified for the tasks required of them and assess all work activities with regard to reducing level of risk to the Environment.

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