(EPBD) My responsibility’s as an owner of refrigeration equipment

What are my responsibility’s as an owner of refrigeration or air conditioning equipment?

New legal directives and laws have come into force in recent years that as an owner of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment you should be aware of. F-Gas legislation being one of them which has now been handed to DEFRA to enforce! More detailed information on F-Gas can be found on my blog “What is F-Gas?” but there are other legislations that as an owner or if you are responsible for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

The Directive on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD) was set out by Set out by the European Parliament and Council on energy efficiency of buildings and came into force January 2003. Inspired by the Kyoto Protocol  the directive commits the EU to reduce CO2 to 5.2% below 1990 levels.

Directive 2002/91/EC EPBD, 2003 states that all EU Member States by  January 2006 must implement Articles 7
(Energy Performance Certificates) and Article 9 (Inspection of air conditioning systems) relate to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and owners of refrigeration equipment.


LoCool Services recommended practices and Environmental Policy

LoCool Services recognises the duty of care on everyone to protect our local and wider environment and actively encourage and support energy efficiency and waste reduction initiatives.

The duty of care is on everyone to protect, prevent and minimise pollution to our local and wider environment by elimination/substitution of polluting substances with “greener” alternatives. LoCool

Through the adoption of sustainable work practices, LoCool is commitment to comply with all relevant and applicable legal requirements and ensure that personnel are trained and qualified for the tasks required of them and assess all work activities with regard to reducing level of risk to the Environment.

Importance of Planned Preventative maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance of all types of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment ensures that it operates as effectively and efficiently as possible, helping to reduce energy costs and prolong its operational life and to minimise equipment failure. The new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) means that equipment will need to be regularly inspected. New F gas Legislation will also affect all businesses using refrigeration & air conditioning equipment.

We recommend that you arrange to have your equipment serviced at least once a year and leak tested according to F-Gas regulatory intervals which are dependent on the size and amount of refrigerant your system holds. On larger systems this can be 4 times yearly!

Want to know more about F-Gas and your responsibility’s? Check out our F-Gas blog or simply give us a call, we will be happy to chat on how LoCool Services can help you stay in line with legislation in keep your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment running, safely, efficiently and meet the high standards of expected duty of care.

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