What is an F-Gas and my F-Gas responsibility?

What is my F-Gas responsibility..?

“F Gases” are chemicals that contain “Fluorine”. We encounter the “F Gases” in everyday refrigerants used for heating and cooling applications within refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

These gases acts as a powerful greenhouse gas and have potential to form a reflective layer in the stratosphere.

This reflective layer causes rays from natural sunlight to reflect back to the earth’s surface rather than pass through the stratosphere. Thus the build up of greenhouse gases, acts like a pane of glass within a green house, causing the area under the glass to warm up.  It is in everyone’s best interest to reduce the release of these harmful gases…

Part of our works with refrigeration and air conditioning systems involves the safe reclamation of “F gases” from plant requiring repairs, or from redundant plant.

The reclamation of “F gas” is now mandatory by law. The responsible use and actions to minimise loss lies with the operators and owners of plant containing such gases.

‘F Gas Regulations: On the 4th July 2009 the new F Gas Regulations (similar to Corgi) came into force which makes it illegal for you as a user of Refrigeration or Air Conditioning equipment to employ any company to work on this type of equipment who isn’t an approved ‘F Gas’ contractor.

 New F gas Legislation will affect all businesses using refrigeration & air conditioning equipment.

We recommend that you arrange to have your equipment serviced at least once a year and leak tested according to F-Gas regulatory intervals which are dependent on the size and amount of refrigerant your system holds. On larger systems this can be 4 times yearly!

If you are unsure about your commitments or require more advice then give us a call on 07531 949 273!

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